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Once you have become a Gentleman, you represent the Gentlemen's Club for the remainder of your life. Falling off track is easy, as a Gentelman's way of life is not always simple. A true gentleman always keeps his sight narrow, never looking for shortcuts or off days.

Gentlemen must always follow strict rules of conduct. They must exemplify the true meaning of a gentleman daily. Following the rules mentioned below will keep you on the right track.

  1. Always follow these basic gentleman guidelines, as they serve as a basic template for all other rules.

  2. Always acknowledge and shake the hand of acquaintances, NO FIST BUMPS.

  3. Always use gentleman etiquette at any fitness facility, WIPE EQUIPMENT AFTER USE.

  4. Always use cell phones in a respectful manner, EXCUSE YOURSELF before answering.

  5. Lastly, once a gentleman always a gentleman, EVEN AT HOME, a gentleman`s day never ends.

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