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"Always remember you don't choose to become a gentleman, a gentleman chooses you."

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About the page...

This page was created for gentlemen across the globe, for those men who truly posses the essence, the behaviour and the attitude of a true gentlemen. Times have changed and as the gentlemen of this world are diminishing, we must share our experiences and thoughts to strengthen and build upon our gentleman abilities, to save what is left of the gentlemen race.Wiserhood.jpg

About the author...

My name is Rundeep Bajwa, a full-time student at the University of Ottawa. Am a part of the Telfer School of Management students , running a Bachelor of Commerce program with a specialization in accounting. I enjoy eating and having a good time and wish to own and operate my own restaurant in the future.

The future of gentlemen...

The future of gentlemen is not certain, it's fate is in our hands. We must work together and develop a brighter future for our younger generation, the children are our future. This page will assist us, with open communication around the globe. Here, we can plan events, share ideas, share thoughts and solve various problems together.

Gentlemen laugh out loud (LOL) of the week...

Funny clips that will be posted weekly, to bring a sense of humour to this page, to be winning one must be happy.

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