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Becoming a gentleman is not a one step process, it doesn't happen overnight. Some men are born with gentlemen qualities, while others develop them later in life. Any man with the right amount of determination and luck can become a gentleman.

In order to become a gentleman, you must follow the instructions below with precision. CAUTION: please consult a physician before attempting the following procedure.

  1. Always have a winning state of mind, gentleman always win.
  2. Hygiene is very important, a gentleman bathes daily, applying the appropriate amount of body wash is crucial (50ml).
  3. Gentlemen always utilize the OLD SPICE line of products for hygienic purposes.
  4. Hair should be kept neat, and trimmed. Style should be modern but still have a conservative look.
  5. Facial hair should be shaved or trimmed daily.
  6. Oral hygiene is also very important, gentleman always brush, floss, mouthwash (BFM) once a day.
  7. Daily attire should consist of a collared shirt, tailored pants, black socks, dress shoes and most importantly a fitted jacket.
  8. A daily exercise routine should be adapted, consisting of both cardio and weight training, for optimal gentleman performance.
  9. Make a lot of money, gentleman are very wealthy.