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In today's world we meet gentlemen in all walks of life, some wealthy, some even wealthier. In all, we do have gentlemen that need to be recognized for their contributions to our race, gentlemen who bring pride to the gentlemen's club. These gentlemen do not only carry themselves with the right behaviour and conduct, but go beyond what their gentlemen obligations are.

Gentleman Qualities

James Bond

James bond is a fictional character, in the Bond series. He is a secret spy for the British Secret Service, who has saves the world several times. Even in times of desperation Bond always carries himself in an elegant manner, poised but lethal.
James is smooth, suave, and sophisticated.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is best know for his role as Charlie on the hit TV show Two and a Half Men. He was once the highest paid man on TV, but was dismissed from the show for his gentleman lifestyle. Even, after his depart from the hit TV show, he kept his winning attitude, trolling the entire world for several months. He is a true gentleman both on and off screen, a ladies man, with wit, looks and class.
Charlie has a great winning attitude, coupled with tiger blood, he is a superior gentleman.

Sean Carter

Sean Carter also know as Jay-Z is a rapper, producer, entrepreneur, business man and CEO. Jay is not only a platinum selling artist, but he also owns his own record and clothing company, he is the face of wealth in the hip hop culture. Jay is a true American gangster, with a cool and collective sense of class.
Sean carries a distinctive swagger, one that is original, cool, and confident.


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